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A brief guide on ceramic tiles

The sheer tenacity and wear resistance of ceramic makes it a hot favorite among many homeowners. It is characteristically made from red or white clay. The clay is typically fired in a kiln, thereby producing a dense tile. Ceramic is also very similar to porcelain, in the sense that they are both generated using the same process, namely the heating up of clay. However, ceramic is less dense and impervious, which means that it is relatively more susceptible to damage like frost or chipping of surface caused by wear and tear. Albeit the differences, ceramic is still a go-to option for floors, walls, and counter-tops in different parts of the world. It can be used for almost all kinds of rooms, especially bathrooms and kitchens. They’re a feasible option in terms of both beauty and functionality.

These tiles are also coated with a glaze that is meant to protect and enhance its shelf-life. The glaze prevents staining and augments the sturdiness of each piece. It also delivers color and pattern to the tile. You can be spoilt for choice, considering the wide number of options, making it easier to provide the best fit for your style.

Glazes and their function

Ceramic tiles almost always come with a protective shield known as “glaze”. It is a coating that is baked onto the surface of the tile. Glazing aids in waterproofing. Unglazed ceramic tiles are vulnerable to water and moisture. The glaze effectively prevents that, thereby providing more leeway in usage. It also enhances the strength of the tile by acting as a strong outer shell. This makes it a hell of a lot sturdier! What’s more? The glaze goes a long way in decorating the tiles. The color, finish, and the pattern is best delivered through glazing. It can be fashioned suitably to offer thin films or deposits of color and design.

Is ceramic flooring an expensive affair?

Ceramic tiles are an economic alternative, especially to more lavish options like marble or granite. The process of manufacture is rather uncomplicated. That said, it’s a viable possibility for most people to invest in elaborate ceramic flooring. However, the installation process is a little slow and laborious, even more so with small tiles. Experts at Ceramique au Sommet tiles in Laval  with their indomitable and continuous effort, provide excellent services. The laying of tiles is best left in the hands of professionals who know their craft.