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Summer Care : 3 Garden Ideas to Keep Kids Busy In Lawn  

The world is filled with possibilities for children. Take them outside while gardening and you’ll soon have miniature garden-lovers on your hands. When kids see that gardening is fun and cool, they’ll want to participate. Let children know how they can play in the dirt, get their clothes dirty, and create their own food/flowers. The more exciting explanations you offer to a child the more interest they’ll show. Your children can dive right into gardening fun with any of the three activities on the list below. Encourage your children to participate in the gardening fun and the time spent outside suddenly becomes more beneficial for everyone. The ideas on this list are great for kids of all ages and interests, so do not be shy and help bring in the kids to the gardening fun.

Kids Garden

Why not give kids their own section to plant their own garden? Kids as young as five can grow their own fruits, veggies, and flowers in their own garden they tend to while outside. Kids become excited about growing their own foods and flowers and allows them to control the project. A small section of soil is plenty. Take the kids to the landscaping store to choose what they’ll grow in the garden. Give them plenty of options, bearing in mind the amount of effort, time, etc. each flower/fruit/vegetable required for proper growth. This encourages kids to eat more fruits and veggies as well as develops a lifetime enjoyment for gardening. It is inexpensive to begin a kids’ garden and helping them out doesn’t require considerable time. 

Garden Helper

Your little garden helper feels grown-up when he or she works alongside you. The garden helper job can consist of any age, appropriate tasks you want to assign to them. Digging in dirt, watering, adding fertilizer, and raking are a few common tasks great for children. Kids who help out in the garden feel all grown up and learn so much about gardening in the process. Furthermore, kids love to get their hands dirty, so it’s the perfect time to have a little fun as well. Parents and grandparents enjoy the chance to spend quality time with the little ones and perhaps stop a bit of back pain and strain in the process.

Discovery Garden

A discovery garden is a fun space for kids to play and learn as adults tend to the garden. Design the garden in a manner of your choosing, focusing on imaginative ideas that help kids learn. Perhaps you can help them with a butterfly garden, recording the number of days it takes a flower to bloom, or another exciting activity. Chalkboards are great items for discovery gardens, as well as natural stepping stones, plants and colorful flowers, soil testing kits, etc. Keep the items added to the garden age-appropriate and fun and getting the little ones to come inside may soon become the new challenge.

Spending time outdoors improves our mood and enjoys us to breathe in the fresh air. When you are outside in the garden, bring along the little ones to enjoy these things with you. As you garden and the kids/grandkids enjoy any of the tasks above, you feel joy as you spend time together and rewarded knowing that you are providing the kid’s information and a hobby that benefits them well into the future. These garden care & management activities are only a handful of ways to get the kids in on the gardening fun. Don’t miss the chance to bring your kids into the fun!