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Process of solar power plant installation

Millions of power plants have been installed till date all over the world and are being installed because people are being aware of the consequences of the green house gases as well as the advantages of the solar energy. Tesla powerwall installation is the best example of this change. They are a popular power wall contractor. If you also want to install a solar power wall or plant then you can contact them. Below are mentioned the major outlined steps for the installation of a solar power plant.

Engineer’s visit 

As soon you will sign the contract of the installment of the power wall, they will send an engineer to your house. He will come to inspect the electrical status of your home and will also assure its structural compatibility for the installing the new energy system.

Permissions and documents

The next step would be the paper work and the documentation. As it is a big financial decision, a lot of paperwork will be needed. You have to take legalized permits by the government and also the Solar Renewable Energy Certificate. This will be done by the contractor. So, you will have to make sure that the contractor is taking all the permits and making all the essential documents.

Ordering equipment 

Now, you are all set up with the paper work, the next step is to order the proper equipment. The main equipment used is the solar panels and the inverters. You should be very careful while choosing the correct solar panels and the inverters. Once the equipment is ordered schedule the solar installation.

Solar installation 

The big day has arrived. You will get your solar plant installed at your rooftop. The installers will put the solar panels and inverters and connection of wires would be done. The installers will also put a net meter for the power meter. The installation period may vary from one to three days depending on the size of the panel.