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Signs It Is Time to Invest in a New Roof

Most homeowners figure out them need a new roof after they see a leak inside their home. Several roofing issues can cause the leak. However, most homeowners want to know what will determine if roof repairs are enough, or if roof replacement is needed.

When it comes to home improvement projects, there are a lot of fun investments—for example, new flooring, countertops, or adding on to the bathroom. However, ignoring a problem roof can lead to devastating and expensive issues. Get to know the signs it is time to have a new roof installed here.

The Age of the Roof

How old is the current asphalt shingle roof? Roofing experts agree that, on average, an asphalt shingle roof will last for 20 to 25 years. However, this also depends on whether the initial roof was removed and if there are one or two layers of shingles present. Ventilation also plays a role in if repairs or replacement are needed. If the roof happened to be installed over another or a few layers and it is more than 20 years old, there is a good chance a new roof is needed.

Buckled or Curled Shingles

Another sign of a problem that may indicate a new roof is needed is if there are shingles that are buckled or curled. Take a look at the slopes of the roof that receive direct sunlight. If these issues are seen, and the shingles are losing shingles, it may be because the shingles have passed their life expectancy. It may also mean that the roof is defective. Do not wait to seek roof repairs or replacements as the issue will keep getting worse.

The Valleys of the Roof

If the roof shingles are missing in this area or if they are falling apart in the valleys, it is a sign a new roof is needed. The valleys of the roof are a crucial part of the structure. Rain and snow move through the valleys and into the gutters. If the valleys are compromised, it may cause roof leaks.

Missing shingles

Another sign of a failing roof is missing shingles. Be sure to check and see if the “tabs” are still intact.

Flashing Around the Chimney

This is another area that should be inspected regularly. If the flashing is made up of tar or roof cement, it could have to be replaced with a water-tight, long-term fitting. This would be a metal flashing system that is much more effective and durable. During roof replacement, most modern roofing companies will use this option to ensure issues do not arise down the road.

Finding Out if a New Roof Is Needed

As any homeowner can see from the information here, getting to know when a new roof is needed is not that challenging. Be sure to look for the signs of a problem, which are highlighted here. This is going to help ensure that when a new roof is needed, the homeowner makes the investment and that the issue does not become worse.