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Different Types of Bounce Houses for Kids – Know What Are They?

Kids from teenagers to toddlers like to slide, bounce, and jump. If you are looking for a creative and exciting way to bring entertainment and joy to kids, then a bounce house is one of the best options.  You can find inflatable houses in different sizes, shapes, and features in the market.

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Types of bounce houses

Inflatable slides – Inflatable slides are available in various designs, sizes, and shapes. They are of 2 types: dry and water. Water Inflatable slides are the favorite games of children.  This type is considered to be perfect during the summer season. They offer fun not only for kids but also for the entire family as well. When it comes to the winter season dry slides are ideal.

Inflatable obstacle courses – They offer fun, excitement, color, and joy for all age groups including toddlers, teenagers, and adults. They are specially designed by considering safety issues. You can choose the right obstacle course depending on the age of your child. They add excitement and thrill to all the events.

Castle houses – These bounce houses look more magnificent and ideal for both girls and boys. With this castle, girls can feel like a princess and boys as a king by enjoying their fairytale stories becoming true.

Theme bounce houses – There are a variety of theme bounce houses available on the market such as food themes – burgers and others, cartoon characters, sports themes, and more. From those, you can purchase the one, which your kids love to play.

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Inflatable basketball courts – This offers an amazing experience to the kids. It gives a diverse meaning to sports like basketball. Kids can achieve scores easily with the help of a bouncer.

Safety tips to remember when purchasing a bounce house

  • Security – This is the foremost thing that you need to remember. A bounce house is a heavy, air-filled object, so a strong blow of wind can make it float away. To hold the bounce house to the ground you have to tie it with strong material.
  • Allow same age groups – Letting different age group kids like 4 and 8 years can be dangerous as the house may prone to bumping and hitting one another.
  • Limit down playing time – Limit the time; which kids play inside the bounce house. Get them outside once you notice they are tired.
  • Choose the right one – As an inflatable product will have a slide, you have to choose a slide of appropriate height. Even though a taller one looks more exciting, but it is not safe for young kids.

Before purchasing any product look at the sticker, to make sure whether it is passed according to the government guidelines.

Gather information about the online stores that offer high-quality bounce houses, choose the right one, and order today.