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Nan Inc – A Name of Trust in Airport Buildings’ Construction

Famous for its breathtaking natural views, The State of Hawaii is among the top travel and tourism destinations of United States. Through its journey to progress as a booming industry and letting it attract more and more visitors, exceptional contributions have been made by construction industry – an industry that keeps going for fellow industries to keep moving ahead. 

Where entire Construction Industry of Hawaii has been positively adding to growth and wellbeing of travel industry while being the sixth largest employer of the state, a few companies within this industry hold the honor of being top contributors to infrastructural development work be its about construction of roads’ network or airports’ buildings. Making all their stakeholders i.e., employees, subcontractors, clients, material supplier etc., happy and satisfied, they are winning limitlessly in terms of latter’s loyalty and trust.  

It is this very goodwill and trust, that 30 years’ old Nan Inc lands contract after contract for the construction of Hawaii’s airports even during pandemic when companies are losing their old and running construction contracts throughout US. With 30 years of enriched experience in construction management and 20 years of relentless commitment as general contractors, the company is making right use of resources along with latest technological advancements to stay ahead of competition. The same unique blend of expertise with an added feature of cost-effectiveness has made it win two lucrative projects of airport buildings construction in June and November, this year.  

Where in June 2020, Nan Inc lands contract of Daniel K. Inouye International Airport worth $146 million then in November 2020, within just five months, it wins another contract of Ellison Onizuka Kona International Airport construction totaling $8.3 million. Both the contracts, Nan Inc believes, will serve as change agents while giving Hawaii’s economy and travelling industry a speedy recovery from devastating impacts of the pandemic.

A brief overview of both these construction projects is here to instill a ray of hope that Hawaii’s economy is sure to rail its train towards prosperity. 

Under Daniel K. Inouye International Airport project, Nan Inc will be working on the construction/ reconstruction and renovation of its Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 which are meant to facilitate Baggage Handling and Ticketing respectively. With construction work going on since 3rd quarter of this year, the project is planned to complete by the first quarter of 2023 with 100 workers as the minimum workforce involved. 

As far as Kona Airport’s contract is concerned, Nan Inc has taken the responsibility to construct new USDA building to facilitate with the expansion of existing baggage make-up building. With construction work about to begin in early 2021 for this one year project, the completion is expected no later than fall 2021 i.e., before December 2021’s deadline.