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What is a comfort height level toilet?

I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about comfort height level toilets as it’s been all the rage nowadays and everybody seems to be talking about it, don’t worry because after reading this article you will have all the relevant information regarding these right toilets.

Basics of Comfort High Level Toilet

The comfort height level toilet is different from your standard toilet because of two measurements: the bowl height and the toilet seat height. The comfort height level toilet has a bowl height that can range from 17 inches to 19 inches, whereas your average toilet has a bowl height of only 15 inches. The toilet seats are also an inch higher than the standard size due to anti-slip bumpers.

Do comfort height level toilets really make a difference?

This toilet gets its name because it meets the height requirements put forth by ADA standards as it measures up to 17 to 19 inches from the floor to the toilet seat. The higher length is thought to be beneficial for knee joints and can give the user a far more comfortable experience, which can be a struggle, especially if you have weak knees. These comfort height toilets are especially great for people who are tall, as often the standard size is not pleasant to sit on and often isn’t according to their size.

This is especially a great help for households that have the elderly or individuals with mobility issues. If you think that installing a toilet seat riser or seat height extender is better than having a comfort height toilet for seniors especially than you would be wrong. These options are not only less hygienic but also prove to be more problematic for the geriatric as they move and an inconvenience for other users. Health experts have even gone so far as to claim that the comfortable toilet height enables the user to have the correct posture that can facilitate bowel movement as well.

Is a comfort height level toilet the right choice for you?

While this toilet can be a great asset for some, it’s not exactly comfortable for others. Usually, individuals who are short in height or families with children may not find these toilets to be all that helpful. Due to the raised height, individuals with shorter legs or children often face issues such as their legs sleeping or dangling while they use the toilet, which is never ideal. If you are thinking about investing in a comfort height toilet, it’s best to try it out first and see if you’re actually as comfortable as the name claims.

The installation process of this particular type of toilet is not much different so that you won’t need any extra set of tools or expertise. If your family has older folks or mostly consists of adults investing in this option might prove to be the best choice you make as it can make your life much easier. These comfort height toilets make life easy for people with hip and knee problems, the elderly, and the disabled.