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Types of Garden in Singapore

After you decide to build a garden, you should be clear of exactly what you want out of it. We look at various types of gardens that you can consider building in your Singapore home:

Vegetable Gardens

Vegetable gardens are for those who literally want to taste the returns of their hard work. Singapore has a favorable climate for many kinds of vegetables, and most of them respond well to being potted. Popular ones that can grow even in small garden space includes lady’s finger, brinjal, Chinese kale, spring onions, and sweet potatoes.

Flower Gardens

The good thing about flowers is that there isn’t too much or too little of them- each individual flower needs a very small space to grow. Thus, you have freedom of choosing how many plants you have in your house. Furthermore, flower gardens dramatically improve the visual appeal of your house. If you want to take it a step further, you can also sell your flowers.

Rooftop Gardens

The above two types of gardens are based on what you grow, and this one is based on where you want to grow your plants. Rooftop gardens are an effective use of empty spaces that users have in their roofs. They can containsome pots, or they can be fancy butterfly gardens, depending on the vacant area you have and the things you want. It is better to consult a landscape and gardening services provider before building a rooftop garden.

Living Green walls

Living green walls are plants that are grown vertically on outside of buildings. They are great additions to a structure’s exterior design. Living green walls are made with hydroponics, which is a way of proving plants nutrients without soil. Thus, they can be a little more expensive, but with the greenery, visual appeals, and the freshness they emit, they are a perfect choice for both residential and commercial venues.

Depending on the type of garden, there are different ways to build and maintain them. You should consult a landscaping company beforehand to know how hard it will be to create your dream garden, and what costs you will have to bear. Don’t forget to ask them about the amount that you will have to put for the maintenance.