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What Makes a Great Urban Landscape In Singapore

Ever wonder how public parks and other feats of public architecture always seem to gravitate everyone’s gaze? Do you want to understand more about the fundamentals of a great and functional urban landscape? If you do, then we’ve got the perfect compilation for you. Take a look at these primary characteristics that each urban landscape should possess.

Display of Town Character

What distinguishes an outstanding urban landscape design from other mediocre ones is the exceptional and strategic display of the location’s character. The urban landscape must display the character that is evolving, dynamic, growing, and culturally-accepted. Regarding the display of character, these are the following pointers for an exceptional display.

  • Protects pre-existing, old, antique, heritage buildings, and designated historical places and landscapes.
  • Reflects and emphasizes the place’s identity and strengthens the overall identity and uniqueness of the town or city.
  • Protects natural ecosystems present in the area such as bodies of water, indigenous plants, and wildlife.
  • Inspires people with breathtaking collaboration of history and fascinating architecture.

Delivery of Context

Another indicator of an urban landscape that is well-thought, strategic, highly-functional and aesthetically-pleasing is the context that it speaks. When an artist thinks of or comes up with a context, these elements are present.

  • Recognizes that the design is intended for long-term use.
  • Built to weather seasonal impacts such as climactic changes and common interruptions like rain, humid air, snow, and blaring heat of the sun.
  • Looks into the fitness of the urban landscape design and its context in relation to adjacent buildings and infrastructures.
  • Assesses the cultural, economic, social impact of the landscaping context.
  • Considers the health consequences of people that resides in the area.
  • Celebrates the unique identity, culture and heritage of the location.
  • Contributes to long-term success and development of the area.

Conscious Selection for Safety and Function

Aside from ensuring that the urban landscape is functional and beautiful, professionals always put into consideration safety measures and diverse conditions of every resident that may find it difficult to experience or enjoy the landscape. These are the most common selections professionals assess that guarantees safety, function and convenience.

  • Allows people of different lifestyle options to conveniently access the urban landscape
  • Supports easy and quick access to transportation, buildings, and forms of tenure.
  • Links other hallmarks and landscapes to others.
  • Combination of open private and public space.
  • Priority for the disabled members of the society.

Because urban landscape is a hard yet long-lasting feat of construction, it is only right to consult with the professionals that provide landscape and gardening services for the best options and the best methods for your landscaping needs.