When to Replace Your Boiler and Prevent Costly Repairs

A boiler is one such appliance which is present in every household. A boiler helps ensure that there is regular hot water supply in your house.

As it deals with heating water, it has a greater effect on the energy bills. It makes up to 60% of your energy bills. To save on your energy bills, you need to maintain the boiler regularly.

You need to make sure it is in good condition. It will not only help you to reduce energy consumption but also help to cut down the carbon footprints.

The lifespan of a Boiler

Most of the people check the average lifespan of an appliance before buying it. This gives them a rough idea about maintenance and repair. The average lifespan of a boiler is 10 to 15 years. If you maintain the boiler regularly, it might last 2 to 3 years more.

When to Replace Your Boiler?

You cannot simply replace your boiler if it stops working. Sometimes a simple repair is enough to make it work again. However, there are some cases where repairs won’t work. You have to replace the boiler during such cases compulsorily.

Too Old

The major factor why you need to replace the boiler is exceeded lifespan. If your boiler is too old and has been functioning for more than 15 years, you need to replace it. With age, the boiler losses its efficiency. The repairs become expensive. So it is better to replace it. It will help you to save on the regular repair cost.


Another major reason to replace your boiler is leaking. It is a very common issue with the boiler. Sometimes due to corrosion, loose pipe and temperature, the boiler might start leaking. Sometimes you can fix the leaks with repairs. However, if it starts leaking often, it is better to replace it.

Smell and Noises

If you notice an odd smell coming off the boiler when you use it, it needs to be checked. Sometimes there will be loud noises along with the smell. In any of the case, you need to contact a technician. Sometimes it happens due to petty issue, other time, you need to replace it.

High Energy Bills

The main reason why people replace the boiler in their house is because of high energy bills. A faulty boiler can increase your energy bills. It would help if you replaced it as it lacks efficiency. You can save nearly £200 to £300 every year by replacing your boiler.

Temperature Fluctuations

Sometimes you might notice water temperature fluctuations. The boiler doesn’t provide water at a stable temperature. It might fluctuate between hot to cold or cold to hot. In such a case, you need to re-pressurize it. If it still doesn’t work, you need to replace the boiler.

Often Repairs

If your boiler often needs repairs, you need to replace it. Sometimes investing in a new boiler is better than paying for costly repairs again and again.

Flame Color Changes

The flame in the boiler is normally blue, but if you see the yellow flame, then it’s time to change your boiler. A yellow flame indicates the presence of carbon monoxide. It is not safe, so it better to replace the boiler.

If you notice any of these signs or if your boiler is facing any such issues, you need to replace it. It is better to replace it if the repairs are too costly. It will help you to reduce energy bills as well as save on costly repairs.