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Carpet One Flooring: Different Types of Carpet

You probably know that in high-traffic areas within your household, such as dining rooms, living rooms, and kitchens, hardwood is a more affordable and popular option for household owners.

However, we are not saying that carpet is a thing of the past because it will provide you with warmth and a cozy feeling.

It is still a prevalent solution in home offices, bedrooms, kids’ play areas, basements, and other areas. Generally, it is the best solution for bedrooms, but you cannot place it in the bathroom due to its inability to handle humid environments.

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You should know that carpet can create a significant difference within your household, but you can find many types that feature specific characteristics. Therefore, you need to find a high-end carpet that will fit with your surroundings.

Apart from the durable and high-quality body, it needs to have the proper color and pile to match your surroundings. At the same time, you need to maintain it properly to keep it shiny all the time.

You can find numerous carpet types available on the market with different fibers to provide your home with a specific kind of warmth. Apart from high-end carpets that feature special finishes, you can find eco-friendly options, durable options, and many more.

We decided to present to you the most popular options that you can find on the market today.

Main Types of Carpet

It is best if you had in mind that carpet requires using a looping yarn style material using a backing. Therefore, we can differentiate cut pile and loop pile depending on your preferences.

1.   Loop Pile Carpet

  • Berber – One of the most common loops pile option is Berber, which means that the manufacturer is bending the fibers into various loops. That will provide you a durable carpet that can easily resist thick stains, but it will not have the same cushioning as other options. Generally, the Berber carpet is excellent because you will get short loops, which means you can find various options. It will provide you a smooth tone that will stand the test of time, which means you can use it for years. However, it is vital to maintain it properly and avoid adding anything sharp that can affect its appearance and feel.
  • Level Loop – This particular design tends to use short loops that are precisely measured and feature the same length. Even though you will get a stiffer option, it is highly appropriate for areas with high traffic. Since the loops are as symmetrical as possible, you will have an organized setup without further complications.
  • Multi-Level Loop – On the other hand, a multi-level loop depends on the height you wish to take. You will get appealing designs that will provide you a great perspective of your household. However, they are different from patterned carpets because threads feature looks and not just cuts. You can rest assured because this will provide you a design where you will get different textures that will change as time goes by. The details will not be as noticeable as you think, but you will still get everything you wanted in the first place.

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2.   Cut Pile

  • Saxony – The first cut pile option is Saxony style, in which fiber ends are as even as possible. When it comes to this particular arrangement, the manufacturer is packing the fibers tightly together, which will provide you smooth appearance. The fibers are 0.5-inches high, which means that you will get a luxurious and soft touch. Another name for it is plush carpet due to its exciting feel. However, the main problem with it is that individual fibers can easily tear up, especially if you implement anything sharp, which means you need to be as careful as possible.
  • Textured – If you wish to be twisted and cut yarn carpet, you should get the textured one. Keep in mind that it is soft on the surface, but you will get a casual appearance due to twisted wood. You should know that twists are tight, which means you will get the durable option to resist stain. On the other hand, specific fibers tend to bend faster compared with Saxony carpet, which means that you will get an appealing tone with it.
  • Frieze – You can find a carpet that features short fibers that go and curl in various directions. As a result, you will get a sturdy appearance that will hide footprints. However, it is not for areas with heavy foot traffic because the constant passing can lead to wear and tear. It features an informal style, which is why others call it a shag pile carpet. It is one of the most attractive options that will provide you with a luxurious perspective that you can maintain and clean with ease.
  • Pattern – You can also find the pattern arrangement that uses a combination of looped and cut yarn spots so that you can get the most out of it. Remember, the specific areas are looped while others are cut, which means you will obtain specific patterns that feature decorative intentions. You can create even more significant patterns that can be both asymmetrical and symmetrical, depending on your preferences.

Most Common Carpet Materials

Another important consideration is to determine the material you wish to use, such as:

  • Nylon – You can find one of the most popular carpet materials because it can resist soil; it features incredible thickness and will maintain its shape for years after purchase. Keep in mind that it can produce static electricity, which is something you need to remember. You should visit Carpet One Flooring official website to learn about different options you can get.
  • Olefin – You can also choose polypropylene or olefin, which is common in outdoor options because it is resistant to humid environments. You can also use it indoors because you will get the durable option to provide you wool-like texture. It is great because you can dye it to increase its durability and improve its appearance. However, sun exposure can affect its appearance.
  • Polyester – This is another popular synthetic material that can easily resist the harshest stains. It is an excellent solution in humid environments, especially if you wish to maintain it with ease.