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Interesting facts to know about the Nelson Swag Leg Desk

The Nelson Swag Leg Desk was designed in 1950 by George Nelson, and is manufactured my Herman Miller to this day. Despite being more than half a century old, the sheer class, ergonomics, and timelessness of this desk design has made it quite an icon of modernism. Let’s celebrate this classic piece by looking at 5 interesting facts that you’ll love to know about it:

  1. The unique leg design


George Nelson designed this desk to set the bar high for future prefab office furniture. He insisted that the legs of the Nelson Swag Leg Desk be made out of metal. This resulted in the pre-formed machine finished design that we know and love today. The graceful curve and chrome finish are not only beautiful to look at, but also provide great efficiency during the assembly of this desk. It was definitely a leap forward in typical furniture design – one that is known and appreciated even today.

  1. The unique making process


The curved legs of the Nelson Swag Leg Desk are made from a process known as “swagging.” This basically entails that the metal is curved under high-pressure, which results in the elegant taper and gentle curve of the Nelson desk that we know and love. It was an innovative way to manufacture furniture back in the day. The 16-gauge steel is not only smooth and sturdy, but are also outfitted with adjustable glider and a solid wood stretcher that provides great stability to the whole design.

  1. Ergonomic top design


The tabletop of the Nelson Swag Leg Desk is one of the most ergonomic ones that you’ll ever get to work on. The meandering curve at the side provides a nice profile and the flat surface is perfect for spreading out books, documents, and your laptop. The small and colorful compartments at the back are an excellent idea as they allow you to organize your small essentials like stationary and other office supplies. The elevated top of these compartments can either be used to arrange books and files or put on some décor to make it even more visually attractive.

  1. Versatile spin on design


The sleek design and elegant silhouette of this desk makes it highly versatile. No matter what theme you’ve got going in your home or offices, this desk can complement each space perfectly. But best of all is the fact that you can easily pair it up with a number of unique and stylish chairs. From spin-wheel designs to Eames Eiffel chairs and everything in-between, the Nelson Swag Leg Desk will look gorgeous with any kind of chair that you like.

  1. Perfect modernity


The absolute modernity of the Swag Leg Desk is one of its most amazing qualities. Not only does it set the bar high for future office furniture designs, but also provides an excellent opportunity for you to emulate the timeless magic of this desk in all sorts of contemporary spaces. You’ll find that its modern looks can tackle every kind of visual and functional obstacle that you throw at it.

These interesting facts about the Nelson Swag Leg Desk will help you better understand and appreciate its design in the long run.