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Consider these Factors when Choosing Tiles


The kitchen is a space in your house that can have various kinds of tiles in different applications that will improve your kitchen’s look. When picking kitchen tiles, it’s important to think about where it will go first. Glossy tiles that will be installed on a wall won’t the same as flooring tiles. Tiles for the floor must be safe to walk on and a glossy floor kitchen tile could not be safe under foot. Below are some tips to select the right application and the kind of tile for your kitchen. You don’t have to spend many hours looking into various tiles and designs. Below are important factors you must take into consideration:


You must look into the durability of a tile. Go for one with a strong wear rating that makes sure it will look and function properly even for the years to come. The wear level your floor is subjected to, depends on the area you are applying the tile to, how much you use it, and it susceptibility to collecting dirt. Class 2 tiles are typically ideal for living rooms while class 3 is for areas frequently walked around on with normal shoes.

Resistance to Stain and Slip

Proper stain resistance will make sure the tile will always look great while resisting moisture. Stain resistance in tiles would vary depending on the capacity of its moisture resistance. Tiles with low water absorption capacity without the sealers would better resist stain and have a longer service life. Your options include Carreaux Metro céramiques porcelaine. Also, it is important to find tiles that resist slips to avoid accidents.  

Overall Support

If you are planning to install the tiles on a high-traffic area or for commercial spaces, you must invest in tiles that can support heavy weight. You don’t want your investment to go to waste after being damaged after being used only for a short while. Check out tiles with high-point-load capacity and the bending strength to carry the weight put on them efficiently. For areas with heavy furniture and equipment, you will especially need thicker tiles. 

Colours, Patterns, and Styles

Think about the kind of design and pattern you want for the tiles. Do you want something that stands out with bold colours and patterns? Or do you wish to opt for a neutral colour that fits the interior design of your room? It is also important to consider the size of the tiles. Big tiles make a room look bigger and more spacious.