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Advantages of Powder Coating on Metals

Metal fabrication industry plays a big role in supporting world’s economy and infrastructure. Practically, the whole of civilization gets benefitted from metal fabrication in one or another way. Whether it is home appliances, factories, vehicles, every aspect of life is impossible to think without the use of metals such as stainless steel, copper, steel, or aluminium. But if you want to use the fabricated items in our daily life, you expect them to be properly finished and polished.

In order to give a finishing touch to metal items, powder coating is used as the best alternative. Powder coating enhances the ability of tolerating scratches, chipping, fading, and wear and tear of metals.

Overall advantages of powder coating are as follows:

  1. Durability:Powder coating offers metal products tough finish which is hard enough to resist the weather conditions. It is considered the most durable finish not only for house hold items but also for industrial surfaces and commercial equipment as they can survive physical collision and chemical reactions. It makes it trouble-free for routine use and also enhances the life of the product.
  2. Evenness:There is no doubt that powder coated items have smoother surfaces compared to painted surfaces and provide an even appearance. If the items are properly powder coated, you will not find any streaks, weak spots, or runs as it is in conventional painting. It does not leave any bubbles, insects, or dust bumps on the surface and the product looks perfectly polished. Powder coating can give best results to replicate aged copper to the fabricated item making them look attractive.
  3. Economy: The most important advantageof powder coating over othersubstitutes is economy. Most of the powder coating works need less time compared to plating or painting which means less expenditure on labor that subsequently is passed to the end user. The industry is also supposed to have more profits as powder coating has created a win-win situation for both consumer and manufacturer.
  4. Variety in Colors: There is a wide variety of colors in powder coating as well. Your desired colors are premixed by mixing up the various pigments. The suppliers do it in the factories only with ratios controlled by computers. In order to get the desired results, pre-mixing of powder is done very carefully which is otherwise not possible to achieve in traditional alternatives.
  5. Varied Range:Powder coating can be done on variety of objects disregarding of their size, shape, or complexity. Powder coating is possible on all those products that can bear the electric charge. Irregular shaped items that have tight bends or hollow spaces are easy to powder coat which is not possible with plating or wet paint. It has given metal fabricators the liberty of designing and it also has become possible to manufacture one-piece products as they need not to paint the parts separately first and then assemble.

These are the few advantages of powder coating on fabricated items. If you also want to go for powder coating your fabricated items, you can rely on Maui Powder Works.