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5 best colour schemes for living room

Living rooms are considered to be the heart of a home. When someone visits you, the first thing to be noticed is the living room. The living rooms of a family speak a lot about the type of people residing in their homes. People tend to judge others based on their looks, so when someone new visits your home, they assume things about seeing your home’s décor and colours. Colours in themselves have a quality of affecting people’s minds almost instantly, whether they are the colour of someone’s clothes or their living rooms.

The colour of the room plays the most crucial role in deciding how the room feels and looks. The colour describes what the family loves in common and so much more about you. Whether the colour is dark, bright, bold, neutral, pastels, or combinations of many, it’s something that every family member loves. Sometimes, you might find it challenging to find the right colours and schemes, but not anymore. Given below are five best colour schemes for living room.

1. The colour of joy

Red is a colour that almost everyone likes. It can be called the colour of love, joy, and happiness. People with larger families are drawn to it because it brings out the family’s joy and happiness. Keeping the main wall of the living room red and colouring all the other white brings out the colour more. Completing the arrangement with light-coloured furnishings will bring out the true beauty of the room.

The colour of joy

2. The colour of subtlety

Green colours with a tint of grey make a perfect combination for a colour representing subtlety and harmony. It brings out a feeling of peace and will create a beautiful environment in the living rooms and bring a feeling of peace for anyone who visits. The colour combination can be adorned with furnishings, but wooden furnishings will bring out the best combination, creating a picture-perfect appearance.

3. The neutral colour

The colour white is referred to as neutral since all the other colours mixed with it become lighter, and it seems to blend with every colour. White brings out everything’s beauty, whether it is someone wearing white or living rooms painted white. The walls can be decorated with pictures representing memories. To finish the look, furnishing with brown or black will create a perfect look for the colour and the room.

4. The colour blue

Blue is a favourite colour by many. Blue colours in all shades are perfect for portraying all the family’s feelings combined in the living room. Almost all blue shades are right to colour the living room walls when decorated with proper furnishings. A darker shade of blue will enhance when paired with white or grey furnishings, and the lighter shades will go best with off-white or white furnishings. Decorating with dark furnishings after painting blue is a no-no.

5. The in-between colours

For people who cannot decide what option to choose, an in-between like grey is a good-to-go option since it is a blend between black and white, and it can be paired with almost all types of furnishings. It makes the house look big and spacious without being so, and it brings out the beauty of everything placed in the room. If are still in doubt contact you local painter and decorator for advice.