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How Long Do Garbage Disposals Last?

Many people take advantage of garburators to lessen the trash they have to take out on garbage bags, especially since no one wants to be stuck with bags and bags of kitchen waste. The device shreds whatever is fed to it and effectively drains the remnants, never to be seen again. Several homeowners rely on this convenience to take away their trash by chucking them to the disposal unit, which then shortens the device’s lifespan.

Many people treat their garbage disposal units as trash cans where they dump a myriad of kitchen waste in and then end up with clogged drains. Among the waste that many homeowners throw away in the garburator are coffee grounds, nuts, fibrous foods, eggshells, grease, and inedible items. These clog the drains and burden the device. After misusing the garbage disposal through this, the homeowner will need to look for a new unit sooner than later as the device suffers from more frequent wear and tear.

When it’s time to look for a replacement unit, it’s essential to look for a new model instead of cheaper used ones to guarantee that the device will last. Used units will have suffered their share of wear and tear damage that have already shortened their lifetime. After getting a brand-new garbage disposal, the user must ensure that they don’t misuse it and regularly maintain it so that it can last past a decade. 

The only things that people should throw into a garburator are soft foods, chopped foods, non-starchy fruit and vegetable scraps, liquids, and ice cubes as the blades can easily shred them, and the liquid can easily pass through. Besides using the device correctly, the user must regularly clean and maintain it to keep any grime from building up.

Should the homeowner run into problems with their garburators, they can rely on a reputable plumber for emergency service. To know more, see this article by Mr. Rooter.