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The Widespread Use of Wood for Pallets and Fence – What’s the entire Commotion about?

It hasn’t been a long time that plastic pallets were given preference because they are cheaper and more readily available and easy to manufacture. However, because of rising pollution, since plastic is non biodegradation, people started looking for alternative pallet and fencing options that would be cheap as well as environmentally friendly. And guess what emerged as a winner? Well, of course, wood – softwood and hardwood, both. Pallet manufacturers, nowadays, prefer supplying their customers with wood pallets because of the following reasons.

  • Wood is non-toxic.
  • Wood lasts for a long long time.
  • Wood can be easily customised.

Having said that, it doesn’t mean that wood pallet production doesn’t have any constraints. Manufacturers who have no regards for the safety of their customers use chemically treated softwood pallets. And such pallets are dangerous in a lot of ways as listed below. 

  • They release toxins that are harmful for health.
  • They are unable to maintain quality for a long time and start chipping very soon.
  • They aren’t as strong as ideal pallets should be.

Which is why it’s very important that you purchase pallets for your clients from manufacturers and sellers like Spec Wood only. Whether it’s SPF low grade lumber, pre-cut aspen, pre-cut hardwood, or pre-cut spruce, all their products are of elite quality and economical too. Some of the spectacular ways in which they ensure that every single pallet they manufacture is of premium quality are listed below. Have a look!

  1. It’s their unique policy of visiting their clients personally and inspecting their pallet requirements that makes all the difference. Such a personalized visit equips experts at Spec Wood with the knowledge about the type of pallets that their clients need.
  2. Once the experts have an idea about the requirement of their clients, they go down to the pallet manufacturing mills to educate the pallet designers about the exact needs of clients. 
  3. They do not straight away sell the manufactured pallets to their clients. The products are first tested for strength and durability. 

That said, here’s another thing that you need to know about pallets – they are made from softwood as well as hardwood. 

Features of Softwood Pallets

  • Softwood pallets mainly come from fir, spruce, and pine. 
  • Their thickness is varied to adjust their strength according to the type of products that will be stored and transported in them.

Features of Hardwood Pallets for Fence

  • Hardwood pallets for fencing mostly come from cedarwood and oakwood. 
  • Since they’re naturally stronger than softwood, they are actually made thinner to reduce the cost without compromising with the durability factor.

All in all, in the end what matters the most is the requirement of the clients and quality. Which is why as long as you make your purchase from elite sellers of recyclables pallets like Spec Wood, your money is being invested in the right place.