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5 Tips For Achieving A Clean Home With Your Pet

It can be challenging to keep your home clean when you share it with a dog, but there are a few simple things that you can do to help your home smell better and look cleaner:

  1. A tired dog is a less destructive one!

If your dog creates havoc at home when you’re not there, or even when you are, tiring them out can be a great way to reduce destructive behaviour. Check with your veterinarian as to how much exercise your breed of dog needs to prevent over exercising them, and then do your best to fulfil their needs every day.

  1. Clean their entire area frequently

While you may allow your dog to go anywhere in your home, most pet owners dedicate at least one space to their pet, and keeping this clean will help reduce the smell and prevent dirt and pet hair from being transmitted to other areas of your home. Wash their bedding at least once a fortnight and more often if it’s dirty or smelly, and you can throw some of their toys and blankets in the machine, too. You can disinfect their toys and other doggy items by soaking them in a solution of water and vinegar (one part of water to one part of vinegar) for at least an hour. Then rinse and dry them off.

  1. Groom your pet regularly

Regular grooming, bathing and toothbrushing will all help to make your pooch smell fresher and reduce pet dander. Be careful not to bathe your dog too often, but grooming can be done daily if your pet permits it! If you’re able to, you could also try wiping your dogs’ paws clean after a walk and before they enter your home.

  1. Make areas of your home dog-proof

If your dog likes to join you on the couch, then cover it with a washable cover or throw, and have lightweight, washable drop cloths at the entrance to every room that your pet might go into.

It also helps hugely to have towels or wipes right at the entrance to your home so that Fido can be cleaned before he wreaks havoc after his walkies.

  1. Dress your pet for the weather!

Nowadays, there is a vast selection of doggy outfits designed to keep your pet warm and dry in inclement weather, and these can work wonderfully well for limiting the dirt and grime that comes back into your home after your dog has been outside.

If cleaning up after your pet isn’t something that you relish, then why not hire a cleaner to come in every day and do it for you? Or, have them come in once a week to blitz your home and get it smelling fresh and looking clean. You might be surprised to know that reputable cleaning services have a range of plans to suit all budgets, and they can work around your schedule, so why not try it out?