Tips On How To Coronavirus-Proof Your Home


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In the world today, it is essential that every person knows something about COVID-19 or coronavirus disease. The transmission of this virus usually takes place through respiratory droplets, and through different objects and surfaces. 

Having an idea about the virus can help an individual think of different ways on how to prevent himself from having it.

Cleaning clearly dirty sections at home with appropriate disinfection is a must-have to stop these from happening. There are instructions based on the household environments you should adopt.

Cleaning involves extracting objects from the germs, debris and impurities. It does not kill germs but it reduces their number and the chance of spreading infection by eliminating them. In comparison, disinfecting refers to the use of specific chemicals to remove germs on different surfaces. Doing this will further reduce the risk of infection spreading.

The ways you can clean and disinfect various parts of your home are below:

Use a detergent or soap, and water before disinfection, for rough or non-porous surfaces. Wear gloves while washing. Upon through cleaning the gloves must be disposed of.

Here’s what you can do with soft or porous surfaces like carpeted flooring, rugs, and drapes. If present, you must remove any noticeable contamination and clean it using appropriate cleaners.

Try using alcohol-based wipes or sprays containing at least 70 percent alcohol for devices to be able to disinfect touch screens. Thoroughly dry surfaces to prevent pooling of liquids.

You will also wear plastic gloves when doing the laundry. If not, make sure your hands are washed before and after handling such laundries.

Eventually, in the case of hand hygiene, always ensure that there is adequate water and soap to be used and then alcohol or sanitizers.

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