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How to make your kids happy and smart using educational rugs

Rugs are the common material which is used in our room for decor. It enhances the beauty of room and mostly our eyes get catched by the beautiful design of rug. It grabs the attention of you and your family throughout the day. So, there is a simple trick to make your child gain knowledge in a full fun way.

It is a well known fact that children learn lesser from books than what they learn from playing. Furnishmyplace brings you the educational rugs specially designed for children room. The ABC alphabet rugs, numbers based rugs, solar system rugs are available at Furnishmyplace which will enhance your child learning.

The beautiful and uniquely designed education Rugs grabs the attention of your child frequently. So, the knowledge gets stick in their mind by continuously seeing the front of rug. Your kid would love to learn this way rather than old traditional way of studying from books.

The more fun would be the learning, the easy your child will get to learn. Look below some of our unique designed educational rugs which will mesmerize your eyes.

  • ABC alphabet, numerical educational rugs for kid:-

This rug contains alphabets and numbers which will help you to teach your kid in a more simple way. Surrounded by educational source of learning your kid will acquire knowledge without even giving effort to it. Researcher says, a fun learning source like that of educational rug is good for your kid’s brain development at an early stage.

  • ABC alphabet educational area rug:-

These educational kids area rugs for children room will help your child discover new skill of recognizing animals and learning alphabet in a much more fun cum playful way. Along with the alphabet picture of the corresponding animal is designed so as to make learning more easily. Now, the children won’t have to sit with a book in a boring way to learn something new.

Give a try to this educational rug, it will be awesome and prove out to be valuable for your kid’s brain.

  • Solar system educational rug:-

This is the rug with educational foundation which has a beautiful picture of our solar system. Teach your kids about the solar system and planets with this educational rug. Kids brain are like sponge which soaks all the knowledge immediately and develops at a very pace rate. This rug will fuel the imagination and creativity of your kids brain.

It would be easy for your kids to learn about the planetary system and locate the planet, distance from sun etc. Kids who continuously look about the knowledge in the form of printed rug has great impact in their mind and become more smarter.

In the near future, the whole traditional educational system of learning might face tough competition for learning against the fun, playful and practical sources of learning.