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Why Buying A Pre-Construction Property Might be the Right Investment For You? 

Have you ever wondered why elite real estate firms offer pre-construction condos, flats, and even villas for sale? Well, that’s because of the 3 below listed wonderful benefits that they offer to the buyers. If you too are looking forward to buying a property, then have a look at our list of some of the benefits of buying such properties and also some of the amazing listings available at real estate firms like Parkhomenko

3 Benefits of Buying Pre-construction Properties

  1. It Helps in Planning the Budget

You don’t have to deposit the upfront 20% cost at a single go. What you can instead do is submit the upfront deposit between a span of 1-2 years. Besides, you won’t have to pay the mortgage until and unless the property is completely built. So, it helps in proper budgeting and you’re able to buy a property that you might not be able to buy otherwise. 

  1. It Gives High Monetary Returns

If you plan to sell the property in the future then it’s best you buy a pre-construction one. That’s because property rates only increase, they never go down. So, what you’ll buy at present prices, you’ll be able to sell that later on at much higher rates. 

  1. You Can Buy Your Dream House at Prime Locations

Resale properties at prime locations are very expensive. Besides, they aren’t new. But, the pre-construction properties will have all the modern features that an old property might not. 

Besides, like mentioned above, the upfront fee can be divided instead of being paid at once. So, you can actually properly plan your budget and save for future mortgage accordingly. As a result, you won’t ever get under financial pressure that you most definitely will when buying a resale house where you’ll have to pay the upfront fee at once and your mortgage loan payment will start immediately. 

That said, whether you’re a commercial investor or someone planning to buy a property for personal use, investing in the below listed Parkhomenko preconstruction projects will offer the best monetary gains. Have a look! 

  1. The Queen & Ashbridge Condos in Toronto – Coastal skyscrapers with urban design. Have walkways, private balconies, patios, green roofs, and much more. 
  2. Lake and Towns at 255 Birmingham Street, Toronto – An entire townhome with 210 units. Constructed by the side of the beautiful Lake Shore Boulevard and Islington Avenue intersection. 

You can have a look at many such pre-construction property listings at Parkhomenko real estate firm here,