The Right Door Selection: Fine Solutions for You

Aesthetics, insulation and safety are the main criteria that come into play in choosing the right front door and making it a unique element of your house or apartment. Due to the many choices of doors available, choosing the right door manufacturer and getting the right doors is important before starting your project.

Wood door

Wood: For an authentic and warm atmosphere, wood is the ideal material. In addition to being a noble material, wood is 100% recyclable and in tune with the times. Robust and durable, the advantage of wood is also the possibility of repainting it, and therefore easily changing the appearance of its door.

Aluminum entrance door


Aluminum is a noble material that combines strength, finesse and elegance. To overcome the conductive properties of aluminum, entrance doors are systematically equipped with a thermal break: the cold stays outside! Another advantage of aluminum is the diversity of colors and finishes available. Note that it is also possible to choose a bi-color for your door (exterior color different from the interior color).

PVC entrance door


For good insulation and minimum maintenance, choose PVC. A PVC door will have a good insulation or price ratio and is easily customizable. On the other hand, it is not the most suitable material in terms of safety and durability, in particular due to the expansion properties of PVC, which hardly appreciates large temperature differences.


Once the material has been chosen, you define the glazed surface of your front door and thus define the level of light inside your home:

Solid door:

As its name suggests, without glazing, this door brings a feeling of security and protects you from the outside. However, your entrance will be darker.

Semi-glazed door:

This is the ideal compromise between providing light and a feeling of security.

Glass door:

Brings maximum clarity to your interior and necessarily involves the choice of anti-breach safety glass. About ten different panes exist and will bring aesthetics, privacy and level of light according to your desires.

Your front door is necessarily made up of glazing and panels with insulating bodies. So check that the glazing is a “safety” glass which, in the event of breakage, does not produce splinters liable to cause possible injuries.

Our advice:

In terms of safety and for a good quality / price ratio, opt for an aluminum door, there are dozens of different models. Unlike wood which must be maintained, unsecured PVC and high-end mixed entry doors, aluminum combines strength, insulation and safety. Combined with a semi-glazed finish, your front door will provide you with the light you need without compromising your safety.

What type of installation should you favor for your front door?

New installation:

This type of installation is used in the case of new construction. The installation is carried out using brackets anchored in the frame.

Installation during renovation:

This type of installation is possible if the old frame is in good condition and consists of installing your new door above the frame of your old door. It is a quick installation and without major finishing work. The major drawback is the reduction in the passage width and the thermal performance which can be reduced.