How To Give Your Furniture An Antique Touch

In the 21st century, furniture has gone through so much development and experimentation. Who would have thought in the early 20th century that someday we will have rolling chairs or an all-in-one cupboard system?

However, with so much modernization of furniture, the essence and love for vintage furniture have still not left the mind and heart of people. It has come back in fashion, and you will find more and more people purchasing or getting their furniture made so that it has an antique touch to it.

If you are one of those who has not moved past the furniture of your parents’ and grandparents’ generation, then this article is worth your time. While you can always walk into those big shops and purchase a vintage table or a sofa set, we are going to tell you how you can give your existing furniture an antique touch.

Tips On Giving Your Furniture An Antique Look

  1. Never Throw Away Your Furniture

Before we delve into how you can give your furniture an antique look, an important point needs to be addressed. Our houses are full of furniture, some of which we think we don’t need anymore or don’t look good in our house. Our first action is always to throw it away.

That is the last thing that you should be doing with your furniture. One piece of furniture can be used to make other furniture in your house. The wood from an old shoe rack can be used to make a desk in itself. In this way, you save more trees from being cut down and save money.

  1. Paint Your Furniture Black

If you look at your parents’ or grandparents’ furniture, you will see most of that furniture are either dark brown or black. So, if you want to give your furniture a vintage touch, the easiest way is to paint it black or dark brown.

You can do this on a Sunday afternoon, or if you want it to be top-notch and perfect, then you can call in someone who will professionally paint it for you.

  1. Could you give it a Distressed Look?

It is unnecessary that for a piece of furniture to look antique or vintage, it has to be black or dark brown. You can give it a distressed, rusty yet colorful look. For instance, if you have a table and chair set that you want to give a vintage touch, you can paint it rusty blue or rusty green, whichever goes with your house’s color scheme.  You can do the same with your cupboards as well and make them look like antique furniture.


Be it a table and chair set or your study desk; you can give all and everything an antique look if you have an eye for it. However, if you do not wish to recycle your furniture and yet want some authentic vintage furniture, then you can visit the auction shops in your city. They have the best collection of vintage and antique furniture, making it difficult for you to leave the shop without making a purchase.