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Pendant Lights You Can trust On Now

Each room has its function and each function has its own lighting. The suspension finds its place by bringing height to the room. There is a bare hanging bulb or multiple lampshades, for a dazzling light or a subdued atmosphere. Little tips to make the right choice.


Ideal in a dining room, a bedroom, a living room or a kitchen because it diffuses the light in a central way, the pendant light offers however many variations in order to adapt to each room, to each style and to each atmosphere. Using the méduse pendant light is the most useful there.

Deco question, ceiling lights have come a long way. The classic lampshade is a little outdated in beige, black or gray fabric has been given a facelift and is now available in natural and contemporary materials. Rattan, metal, wood and even glass take height to illuminate our interiors.

A suspension with the right dimensions

It is essential to take into account the volumes of a room before choosing the suspension that will illuminate it. In the case of a bedroom or a small living room, of 10-15 m² , we prefer a luminaire that does not exceed 40 cm in wingspan so as not to compact the space. If your room has an area greater than 20 m², indulge yourself with a suspension of more than 60 cm in diameter .

Suspension at the right height

If the format of the suspension is essential, the height of its installation is no less important. Neither too high nor too low, the golden mean is to leave at least 2.15 m between the bottom of the suspension and the ground. An ideal height in a bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom , an entrance or a living room, in order to move around without risking bumping into one another.

On the other hand, in the dining room, you can lower your pendant light up to 80 cm above the table top.

What height for a suspension?

Whether it finds its place in your bedroom, above the kitchen island or the dining table, a pendant lamp will not be fixed at the same height.