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Dead Deer Removal Services from Local Companies

There is nothing sadder than striking an animal on the road or highway. From possums and armadillos to deer, there is nothing a driver can do if the animal suddenly pops up on the road. Swerving may send your car into a ditch and cause injuries or, even worse, fatalities. While everyone must be safe on the highways and roads, there are times when deer will suddenly appear trying to cross the street. If you do strike one and it is dead, you can move it off the roadway. Your state’s transportation department will remove the dead animal as well. It is against the law to take a deer or any game with you if it was struck by a car.

There are also dead deer removal services in most towns, counties, and states. The removal of a dead deer has to be done professionally. After all, most localities have strict guidelines and rules regarding the burial of dead animals. This includes the burial depth, as well its proximity to water well. Also, folks should not approach a dead deer since they can contract diseases like anthrax. Only a licensed, certified, insured dead deer removal company, such as Gray Brothers Wildlife, can safely deal with the issue at hand.

Dead deer can also be found in backyards, especially in homes near extensive forests of wooden areas. These animals are easy to spot due to their light and dark brown coats with white markings. A lot of animals have moved into residential areas due to ongoing building projects and road construction. Sadly, many deer have died due to hunting accidents or simply being struck by vehicles or farming equipment. If you see a dead deer on the side of the road, contact a dead deer removal service as soon as possible.

Dead animals on the roads can lead to more car accidents and costly damages. They can also affect a person’s home by entering yards and feeding on foliage, birdseed, or outdoor pet food. Whether found on the roads or in your yards, never approach a deer on your own. Always contact animal control, and if the animal is dead, let the experts dispose of the animal in a trained, safe, and humane manner.

Dead deer in yards cause an offensive smell that attracts scavengers. The last thing you need are vultures feeding on the carcass of a dead deer in your yard. You probably have seen them feast on roadkill on the highways, and it’s never a pleasant sight. This can also lead to an insect infestation since critters love to feed on dead animals as well. With all this in mind, you need to contact the professionals to remove the dead animal at once. This will prevent flies, coyotes, and other forages from invading your yards. It will also protect your pets and loved ones from serious parasites and diseases transmitted even after death.

Ticks found in dead deer can spread Lyme disease, toxoplasmosis, ehrlichiosis, babesiosis, and even Rocky Mountain spotted fever. To learn more about dead deer removal, check Google for local companies and agencies that handle these important matters.