Planning to renovate your kitchen? Consider these pointers!

Your kitchen is among the most used & functional segments of the entire house.  While aesthetics, design, and visual appeal do matter, what matters as much, or probably more, is function. Kitchen improvement projects can go beyond your expected budget, unless you plan all the details in advance. We have a few pointers that you must consider while renovating your kitchen. 

Be sure of the layout

If you don’t want to spend a fortune, we strongly suggest that you don’t make massive changes to the gas connection area and plumbing lines. The cabinets and rest of the floor space, however, can be used as needed. In Montreal, services like Nouvelle Cuisine can help you decide on the type, finish and design of cabinets that may work best for your kitchen, depending on the layout you want. 

Leave enough floor space

Extra storage space in a kitchen always comes in handy. Keep in mind you need to have enough area on the floor to walk around, and therefore, you may want to expand the cabinetry all the way to the ceiling. You need to have direct access to basic things, staples, utensils, and cookware, so that your job in the kitchen is easier. 

Reimagine the island

Many interior experts don’t recommend the island for small contemporary kitchen, unless the design is an open one. However, you can use the island to open up one of the walls of the area. Your kitchen island can work like a divider to segment the kitchen space and can be used to place the hob. 

Think of cabinetry maintenance

Cabinets come in all sorts of design, styles, textures, and materials, but there are two important factors to consider before you take the final call. Firstly, does the material or finish need extensive maintenance? For instance, white surfaces can be hard to clean and maintain. Secondly, will the color and finish work with rest of the kitchen? Many homeowners go overboard with new textures and finishes, completely ignoring the need to have some common factor in design. 

Finally, if possible, set a budget for your kitchen remodeling plan in advance, and try to keep at least 20% aside to deal with contingencies. If you are ordering predesigned cabinets, it may take around six weeks or more for the entire set to get ready, and therefore, you have to plan rest of the design and renovation work accordingly.