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Benefits of using zinc for your commercial architecture

It is extremely necessary to choose the right materials when planning the commercial architecture. Over the trends have significantly varied. The right architecture can eventually contribute to a better looking building that matches the user requirements and also complements the environment. 

If you are looking forward to extensive commercial architecture, then Stendel Reich commercial architects can help you in the long run. It is always suggested to reach out to professional architects who can choose the right materials such as timbers, metals, concretes, zinc and more. Over the years, zinc is gaining extreme popularity among the masses for being one of the best materials for commercial architecture. Zinc is mostly used for facades and cladding and even roofing. 

But that’s not why zinc is mostly used. Some of the other reasons why zinc is used mostly used among commercial architects include the following


Zinc is one of the most eco-friendly materials as compared to others. Zinc extraction doesn’t require much energy and can be easily refined as well. It consumes less energy than copper and aluminum. 

Since both of them are used for roofing, zinc can serve the same purpose too. Moreover, zinc is one of the longest-lasting materials that can help in building roofs and facades. If these are maintained properly, it can last for more than a century. If these are placed in a room, it can last longer than a century. 

Zinc is extremely reliable because of its recyclable nature. Hence, it doesn’t get wasted. You need to focus on the composition of the zinc roof to ensure the best for you. 


One of the best things about zinc roofing is that it is weatherproof in nature. The metal has a protective layer that makes it resistant to corrosion. Another notable feature of zinc roof is that it can withstand water and salt thereby making the surface smooth and if you leave in an area where snow is prevalent, it will vanish in no time. 

The protective layer of zinc has a natural patina too. Also, if you want a rustic look around your roof, then zinc is the best choice to make as it will keep developing after a certain period of time. 

Climate control

The climate control feature of zinc helps to keep the space cool even in times of extreme heat. As a result, it is aimed at keeping the space cool by providing air conditioning and brings about more creativity with design.