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5 Signs of Clogged Gutters

In many cases, what seems to be a small problem can have a significant impact on your home. These include clogged gutters. Before things get worse, it’s best to call local roofing contractors who can assess the condition of your roof and gutters.

When your gutters become congested, it will be difficult for the water to drain away from your home. Instead, it will overflow and spill over the side of your gutters, resulting in several issues including damage on your roof, sidings, and even the foundation of your home. Leave them unattended for a long time and you will also find yourself dealing with structural issues and health risks associated with mould and mildew growth. These issues can be expensive.

And when the only solution left is to replace the entire roofing system, you need to prepare for the roof replacement cost that ranges from $6,000 to $20,000, depending on the size of the project. Hence, it is important to address clogged gutters before they go out of hand.

But, exactly what are the signs you should be looking for? We’ll elaborate further in this article.

Signs of Life

Bugs and other microorganisms inhabiting your gutters are a given. But, you’re not supposed to see signs of life in your gutters. So, if you’re seeing the following in your gutters, it’s an indication that you’re long past time to clean them.

Animals: Many animals, including birds, possums, rats, mice, squirrels, and snakes set up nests in clogged gutters using the debris within. The critters find their way into your gutters through the tree branches overhanging the roof, explaining why they should be kept trimmed away from your roof area.

Plants: Over time, your gutter can accumulate enough dirt to allow plants and weeds to grow. With the water in your gutters, it will not take long for you to see a garden growing in your roof. Aside from being unsightly, these plants can become too heavy to the point that it will sag the gutters.

Water Spilling Over the Sides

Is water spilling over the sides of your gutters? If so, it’s a key sign that there’s a blockage somewhere in your system. This overflow can lead to other costly water damages such as stain marks on your siding as well as the flooding of your basement and unnecessary moisture in your interiors. All these result in expensive water-related damages to your home.

Appearance of Mould, Mildew, and Rust

Aside from water stains, you may also start to notice mould and mildew growth in areas where the water spills. Exposure to damp and mouldy environments can trigger allergic reactions to some people which symptoms include stuffy nose, wheezing, irritated eyes, and itchy skin. In worse cases, it can also trigger asthma and other respiratory problems.

Additionally, rust may also start to form in your pipes and other metal structures in your home as they react with water. This would eventually weaken your drainage system.

Visible Damage to Your Property

As said earlier, the damage that overflowing water can do to your home can take many forms. It starts from the deterioration of the shingles that get saturated with water until the damage finds its way to the roof deck. When left undetected, the overflow will then soak your insulation and the interiors of your home as well—ceilings and walls included.

The damage doesn’t end there, though, because the water can also saturate your landscaping—causing physical damage to your plants, shrubs, and flowers—and even the ground beneath your property.

All these telltale signs of clogged gutters can be prevented with proper cleaning and maintenance. Therefore, no matter how laborious, time-consuming or costly the task may be, remember that it’s just a fraction of the time and money you would spend in dealing with the issues outlined above.

Clogged gutters? Contact your local roofing contractor today!

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