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Why Backflow Testing is Important

Backflow happens when contaminated water enters clean water lines because the direction of its flow is reversed. It usually occurs in the cross-connection between the clean and the dirty water lines, particularly when there is a change in water pressure referred to as the water main break. In this case, the downstream pressure is higher than the supply chain pressure, causing a reversal in the water flow.

Water main break can be caused by various factors such as a defective pump system. Because of this, the dirty water that contains contaminants posing a serious health hazard to the people expecting to use the clean water makes its way through the main water line. The 24/7 plumbing services Sydney locals can rely on a guarantee that these issues will be addressed promptly regardless of the time of the day or the day of the week that people in need of their services call in.

Nonetheless, plumbing problems such as this can be prevented with proper backflow testing. Apart from this, below are some other reasons why backflow testing is important.

Reduces Risk of Contamination

One of the main reasons why backflow testing is important is that it reduces the risk of contamination significantly. During the testing process, a backflow device is utilised to prevent the flow of water to change its direction, ensuring that dirty water that is filled with contaminant will not flow in the direction of the clean water source. In this case, when the device senses that the water flow is reversing, it will clamp shut to prevent the water from flowing backward. Thus, the clean water remains free from contaminants such as pathogens and nasty particles.

Some of the most common devices used for backflow testing include hydrostatic loops, reduced pressure zones, as well as atmospheric vacuum breakers. With the hydrostatic loops, the pipes are arranged in a vertical loop to prevent backflow. On the other hand, reduced pressure zones force the water to enter several checkpoints before it is allowed to pass through your water source. For the atmospheric vacuum breaker, an air gap is introduced between the fresh and contaminated water.

Early Detection of Plumbing Issues

Another reason why backflow testing is important is that it can pave the way for the early detection of plumbing issues. This is because backflow testing is done periodically, and with the regular inspection of your plumbing system, you will be aware of any serious problems with your pipes immediately. As a result, you will be able to address the issues before they get worse, and before the repairs necessary become more costly.

Legal Compliance

In certain jurisdictions, backflow testing is necessary for legal compliance, making it an obligation for you. Rest assured that the regulations were put into place for the good and benefit of the people living in Sydney. In the case of backflow testing, it may be mandatory to ensure that the people have clean and safe drinking water coming out of their taps. Thus, it can be deemed that backflow testing is important for the safety of the people using the water source.

Backflow testing is important because it reduces the risk of water contamination significantly. This is due to the early detection of plumbing issues that may cause the contaminants to seep through the clean water source. In some states and cities, backflow testing is also legally required, all for the safety of the people using the building or living in the property. Just keep in mind that backflow testing should only be conducted by seasoned and licensed Australian plumbers authorised by the state to ensure that the process is done properly.