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What Is a Pillow Sham with Bonus Style embroidered Border?

The pillow shams are one of the most important parts of your ethnic linen collection. It not only compliments your bedding but keeps your pillows clean as well. Whoever spends a good fortune on quality lines must have come across the term pillow shams and knows their importance as well.

However, it might be confusing for those who are not well-versed with the technical language of interior decorators. You may find yourself surrounded by questions like what is a sham. Is it the same thing as a pillow cover?

Well, many people and websites will misguide you by saying that both are the same but in truth, the two might be similar but not same.

Difference between and a pillowcase and pillow sham

                    Pillow sham                                                                                     Pillowcase

A pillowcase is merely a cover for your pillow that keeps it clean and protects from the environment whereas a pillow sham is a more decorative façade that beautifully serves the same purpose.

Next, the pillow covers are open at one end. There is no closure. They are simple and meant for routine use. Usually, they are made from the fabric the same as the bed sheet. However, better quality pillow covers may have closure and some decorative elements as well.

On the contrary, pillow shams tend to open from the back and the opening space is often overlapped with the extra length of the fabric. A cotton pillow sham is often bordered on three or four sides with a flat piece of fabric.

Pillow shams are the decorative elements designed to match the interiors and décor or they are the unique color pops that make your décor more interesting. The designer elements pull all the elements of the room together to make your bedding ensemble stand out.

Embroidered Border Pillow Sham

The gorgeous, beautiful and well-contained pillow shams with custom embroidered borders are no less than a treat to your monochromatic bedding. The embroidered borders of the pillow cover make them more sophisticated and elegant.

Moreover, it can be a great way to get your pillow shams personalized. Get your favorite petals or your name embroidered in your favorite color shade.

Wake up to a more finished and aesthetic look with our Bonus style embroidered border pillow sham.

Can you sleep on a sham?

Yes and No. Technically, you can sleep on a sham but, purposely you should not. Many people use these pillows for sleeping purpose but the extra decorative layer and texture can disturb your sleep. The bulky flanges can cause discomfort and awkwardness.

So, how can you use them while you sleep?

You can place these shams behind your bed pillow to add an extra layer. This extra layer acts as the padding allowing you to sleep more comfortably.

For best results, remove these shams and put them aside for the entire night while you sleep. Also, it will help you keep them clean and avoid soiling from the oil of skin or hair.

Styling with Shams

Although you can style your pillows in any desirable way, we have mentioned a few popular arrangements.

  • Stacked   

This is the most common arrangements and most of the households around the world follow this pattern only. Lay your pillows flat against the surface of your mattresses. Point the cuffs outward towards the edges of the bed. Then, stack the pillows with decorative shams on the top.

This is a quick yet pleasing arrangement.

Also, some people prefer to lean shams against the stack which is not that appreciable and preferred.

  • Layered

It is a mix and match combination. In this arrangement, you can use pillow shams of different sizes, textures, fabrics and colors. the only condition is that you need to arrange them in an eye-catchy and symmetrical way.

Tailor fit the pillows as per your choice and need. There can be infinite design possibilities.

  • Asymmetrical

This is a less-structured but more creative style of arranging the shams. The arrangement is almost similar to the layered structure but you can use different sizes, colors and textures of your choice. With this arrangement, you can set up an exceptional decorative appearance.