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What Are the Signs Which Tell You That You Require A Water Softener?

When you discover that your skin is itchy and dry or find your sinks riddled with stains, it means that there might be a hard water problem. You require a water softener at this point. The system of water softening will enhance your plumbing and clothes lifespan and also decrease the budget. The softeners of water eliminate the additional ions like magnesium and calcium and gets exchanged with ions of sodium or potassium. When this exchange occurs then softener of water will regenerate and take out the extra ions until they are recharged with fresh ions of sodium. This might require water of 25 gallons each day. So, it is crucial to identify your hardness of water at first. This is to avoid the scale build-up. The water softeners enhance the water heater life span. You need to look for some signs to know whether you require water softener or not. Search for water softener San Antonio to find more information on using a water softener. 

The things to look for to find whether you need a water softener or not

Your hair and skin are dry:

The water hardness can create some itchy dry skin and your hair becomes dry. As the water contains magnesium and calcium salts which flows in the water. The shampoo and soap only can help you to avoid this. Minerals present on your skin and soap doesn’t soluble in water harness as they aren’t eliminated. This makes you feel there is a residue on skin which irritate it and makes it feel rough and dry. The blocks of hard water can cause more black heads and inflammation. It can also create your skin to be leathery and so dry. 

You find stains on bathtubs and sinks. 

When you find stains present on bath tubs and sinks where there is a mineral residue present is hard water sign. These stains create when water of the tap evaporates leaving calcium and magnesium ions. There are some ways to eliminate them. Utilize a small amount of vinegar and wipe around the base of your sink or bathtub. You can also spray it in sink or bathtub and keep it aside for fifteen minutes. Using water softener of potassium chloride in an effective way removes the stains and keep them good. You can use a kit of test to determine the number of minerals present in the supply of water. 

Your water bill comes high:

The water usage of your home goes high as your pipes have to work hard and let the water flow through it. If you observe that you bill is higher, then you definitely require a water softener. Check with your company near your locality to find out if you have soft water or hard water. You can perform a simple analysis to identify how hard the water is and this can tell you what type of chemicals are attached to the water to make it soft at the level of softness. If there is high amount of hardness then introduce a water softener for lowering your bill of water. 

Thus, these are some of the signs which tell you that your water is hard and you require a water softener.