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What All the Amenities A Condo Must Have?

Buying a house can be an expensive deal but comparatively a Condo won’t. Yes! Because if you are going to buy a sole property then every small to big expanses will be a liability to you only. Whereas, buying a condo can be the smart deals if it is ready with the ample facilities a person required. If you have planned to buy a Condo Sathorn (คอนโด เกษตร, which is the term in Thai) or at other prime location then you must check whether all the essential facilities are there or not.

Here, you will know what all the facilities make a condo worth of investment. Please note, it is not mandatory that the below-given things must-have in a perfect condo. Because such facilities may vary from location to location. Also, it is the choice of the property owner that what all the facilities they want to provide to their condo buyers.

Top 5 Things Makes A Condo Special from Other Residential Properties

  • Exercise Corner

A good day starts with some exercise and choosing physical activities depends on the interest of individuals. In a community, you can see people with various mindsets and so their choices may also differ. Based on that, a condo must have multiple exercise zone like swimming, cycling, gym, yoga, etc.

  • Greeneries

Inside the premises, the places must have enough greeneries to enjoy the morning and evening walk and to play outdoor games. The exterior must have such an environment where kids and family members can spend quality hours.

  • Luxury Services

If you want to go to a birthday party, marriage ceremony or any other small to big functions, you need to spend hours in the salon. To save your time and money, a Condo Sathorn must have such luxury services as spa, hair treatment, body massage, etc. inside the community.

  • Facilities for Children

If you have already a kid or if you are planning to have a baby, then you must analyze the growth opportunity of your children in that condo. There must be a child park, playing ground, and other child activity corners inside the boundary.

  • Custom Interior Option

There are higher chances that you will get all the facilities inside the room as you imagined. But it is not always mandatory to get everything as per your imagination. So, before confirming a deal, you must ask the authority that either they allow to customize the interior design or not.