Home Improvement

Party supplies inventory 



  • Invitations 


Parties call for a surfeit of guests so don’t shy away from including everyone you know on that list. At best, only about half of them might show up anyway. Also, put up a signboard outside your house for easy direction. You don’t want to spend your prepping hours guiding people to your house instead of warming up to the occasion. Ensure that there’s ample parking space for your guests as well. 


  • For Heaven’s cakes!


A birthday party will surely entail cake. If you don’t want to be bothered with baking one on your own, just opt for a store-bought cake. Ordering a customized cake that caters exclusively to the whims and fancies of the event like a huge floral chuppah is sure to be a head-turner! Alternatively, you could buy a simple cake and spice it up with DIY hacks. Supposedly, the Egyptians invented cake so we’re abundantly grateful to them for starting this culinary tradition. Candles, lighters and a cake knife should be accompanied with the cake.


  • Furniture and other accessories 


If you’re planning a big party, it’s best to take it outdoors. Rent tables and chairs for the day so you don’t run out of chairs at the event. You will also need fancy tablecloths and centerpieces to jazz up the ambiance. You could buy these party supplies off E-bay or local stores.  


  • Music sets the mood 


Decide on the music in advance. The music of course will vary according to your audience and the theme. Young adults would prefer something groovy while children are best entertained by Disney music tracks. The playlist has to be ready before the party commences. 


  • Theme and cooking 


If you’re planning a party for children, “Frozen” is wildly popular among kids. An all-inclusive theme is sure to get the party going! Recipes have to be picked much before schedule and prepared beforehand so as to not keep the guests waiting! 


  • Balloons and confetti 


Balloons may not be everyone’s cup of tea but they sure have a way of summoning the spirit of celebration. Helium balloons come in a variety of cool colors and some are even attached to LED lights. Confetti or stardust is another great way to amp up the excitement. There is a wide range of colors and cut-outs these days so don’t hesitate in picking whatever it takes to set the stage.