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Explore Exciting Super King Doona Cover Range 

A quilt is basically made of the three layers of fabric sewed together strategically to produce more heat in the winters. When purchasing doona for your bed, you need to understand that size plays a key role. In the same manner, you can also choose the cover for your quilt/doona. For instance, if you are exploring the super king doona cover range, you need to be aware of the exact size of your quilt. Let’s develop further on the quilt covers, their sizes, and their advantages!

Sizes Available For Doona Covers

Below are the size options you may avail for your doona covers:

1: Covers for Single Bed Quilt

The standard size of the doona/quilt can be 140x210cm. When choosing your cover, you need to consider the dimension of your quilt.

2: Doona/Quilt Covers For Double Bed

The double-size quilt has a standard measure of 180x210cm. So, you need to keep this in mind when purchasing a cover for it.

3: Quilt Covers For Queen Size Bed

Queen size bed quilt measures 210x210cm, and you can easily find its cover to protect your doona.

4: Doona Covers For King Size Bed

King size bed quilts are larger in size and cover 240x210cm. The cover for these quilts can add great value to the quilts and offer them great protection.

5: Super King Doona Cover Range

In the end, here comes the super king doona, providing a whopping 30cm extra length and breadth to the king-sized quilts making it measure 270x240cm.

Benefits of Quilt/Doona Covers

Quilts are costly and demand higher maintenance. Quilt covers play a significant role in protecting them against stain and wear damage. Besides, you can easily remove and wash them without breaking a sweat. Moreover, if you want to refurbish the look of your sleep environment, you can change the covers without needing to replace your doona.

Additionally, the length of a quilt is very crucial to produce maximum warmth as it prevents the air from escaping. Quilt covers give a little more length and form additional layers to produce more heat in the spine-chilling winters. For more preferences of design and style, you may check out the Manchester collection.