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Deck and Porch Power Washing: All that You Need to Know

When it comes to cleaning your wooden deck or porch, scrubbing with your handsmight not accomplish the task of cleansing satisfactorily and in such cases, professional deck power washing services can be your only choice. Power washing a deck or porch seems like an easy thing to do. But in reality, without proper knowledge and the right equipment, it can damage the wood.

Thus, if you want to attempt the task of deck and porch power washing all by yourself successfully without professional help, here are some essential points that can come in handy.

1. Selecting the Right Tip and Pressure is Mandatory

Choosing a proper pressure setting along with the right tip is very crucial for pressure washing. Using a fan tip with a 40–60-degree spread is very beneficial. Also, sometimes rotating information can be the perfect one if you use it carefully.

When it comes to pressure, using the lowest amount of pressure is very effective. For softwood like pine or cedar, 500-600 lb. / sq. inch are the best. For other harder wood, you can raise the pressure but not opt for higher than 1200 pounds per square inch. Always test the pressure in a small area before opting for your deck or porch.

2. Rules Of Washing

After starting with 500-600 psi pressure and testing it, slightly raise the pressure slowly to deep clean your deck without destroying the wooden surface.  Always try not to get closer than 6 inches to your wooden floor, or you could damage it.

Maintaining a sweeping movement and the same distance while power washing is always a good idea to achieve a clean look. However, if you think you are unable to do the task successfully, you can always hire professional deck power washing services for effective power washing of the deck and porch of your house.

3. Sanding Is Also Noteworthy

If power washing is done correctly, there will be no chance of ruining the wood or the fibers of the softwood. With the wetting of the wood, the fibers get erected creating an uneven surface. Here, sanding plays the role of smoothening out all the uneven surfaces. But always make sure that the wooden surface is completely air dried before it is polished or smoothened by sanding.

4. Some Extra Steps

If your wooden floor is very badly stained, using a deck cleaning solution that includes sodium hydroxide can be helpful. Mix the solution and apply it in the same manner. Then rinse with normal water.

Power washing is very effective for deep cleaning. A good pressure washer has several uses around the house. If you do not have one, you can always rent one or avail professional deck power washing services if you are pressed for time.


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