How to Remove Cockroaches From Your Home Easily?

If you are asked what the worst insect lives in your house, your answer will be cockroaches for sure. Because these are more than annoying. Their presence in a room stinks. The bad smell is worth destroying your comfort. And on the other hand, this insect contaminates deadly bacteria, through foods. That’s why removing these insects is necessary. If you want to do it by yourself, there are some easiest tricks, you can apply. Let’s know what the tricks are.

  1. Cleaning is The Best Option

As this creature loves to be in dirty places. Ruining their homeland is the best way to get rid of them. However, just cleaning the place won’t help you. You need to be specific. Try soap water or anything which has bleaching elements in it. Some bleaching elements are available as a spray ( we are not talking about pesticides). Spray before cleaning and thus make them homeless.

  • Clean dishes.
  • Spray where they hide themselves every time.
  • Always check your stored area of food. Arrange a proper sealing technique.
  • The grease on the stove must be removed.

This method may take several weeks to be fulfilled, but this is the best hygienic way.

  1. Use Sticking Traps

If you have ever noticed, cockroaches have spiky legs that help them to climb anywhere. These legs are very sensitive when it comes to attacking. You can use its strength against it. There are some sticky type traps available in the market. You can buy these. These have an attractive smell of food which attracts roaches and when they get on it, they get trapped. Throw them outside.

  1. Using Pesticides

While using pesticides for roaches, there are mainly 3 types of it. Let’s know one by one. First of all, the common pesticide which is usually used by all is the spray. You can spray this to the garbage or where these are living. This can kill them.

Another one is store-bought bait. It is one kind of poison. Add some drops of it to food and put it openly. Roaches will eat it and will be dead when they will be there in the garbage. By eating these roaches, the poison will spread into the whole community and everybody will be dead.

The third method is to add liquids concentrated on the floor. Whenever a roach is rampaging in your home, use this liquid as a counter. This will show you instant results.

  1. Boric Powder

Boric acid or boric Powder is commonly available in the market. You can make a ball with this. And then place it where they used to live. At once, they eat it, it will kill them from inside. It’s a very fast process and shows a huge number of casualties. Most importantly, it won’t affect your health.

These are some easiest methods, you can try at your home. Either way, you can hire the best Pest Control Company San Antonio, BUGCO. Leave rest upon them, they’ll give positive results within days.